A Reward for the best Thesis at the Arts Faculty of Zuyd Maastricht


Please subscribe for the workshops Artistic Research on Monday October 9, 13h30-17h00 at Herdenkingsplein Maastricht

All participants will join three short workshops on artistic research

Anne Geene
Language of the image
Or: a mini introduction in semiotics

On the relationship between image & text, text & illustration, illustration & captions, captions & footnotes and other old friends in semiotics.
Make your message dance and galvanize your paper by choosing your communicative tools. A table top bookshelf and inspiring examples from design, photography and science.

Ruth Benschop
37 observation and documentation exercises

“What you learn from any project you love is a way of paying attention.
Call it methodology if you want.”

Donna Haraway in: Schneider, Joseph (2005) Donna Haraway: live theory, Continuum, page 132.

Peter Missotten
Designing a thesis: more than layout.

We delve into the wonderful and inspiring world of Stefan Sagmeister. How to transform a thesis from a boring necessity into an personal project.
"Ensure it feels like it's made by humans, for humans." Stefan Sagmeister

At 17-18h00
followed by the Prize Winning Ceremony Scriptiekunst 2017.

You can download an extensive paper on Artistic Research 'Observing and Documenting' by Anna Harris
(Not to be distributed, for private use only)

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